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Unparalleled Contacless Customer Interaction

For Hospitality Venues


Have you ever wondered how much time is lost guessing at the when or the what your customer wants?


conciergeMyConcierge introduces an unprecedented approach to customer needs fulfillment for today’s low contact hospitality environments. MyConcierge simultaneously enables minimized personal interaction yet superior responsiveness. We enable customers to drive the when and the what of the interaction equation and enable staff to navigate among all designated customer submissions simultaneously, thereby improving response times and customer satisfaction. 


How is this achieved?

  • MyConcierge uses QR codes to identify “locations” such as tables or seats.
  • A customer scans a QR code card with the MyConceirge mobile application using their smartphone camera.
  • The customer selects from available App Menu options.
  • The App Menu enables requests to be sent to designated types of responders via the MyConcierge web portal, email or SMS.
  • An available staff responder ‘accepts’ the customer request which opens a chat window.
  • The customer texts a request and is acknowledged by the responder.

You can track customer requests across your entire venue on the MyConcierge web portal, and see who is responding as well as what types of requests are being made.

MyConcierge requires virtually no setup on your part and minimal training. We provide the MyConcierge website configuration, and the QR codes for each location; these codes can easily be embedded in your custom graphic for printing.  Click here or contact us today for more information on MyConcierge.