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Real-Time Asset Management

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Introducing Lokatable, a sensor-based system for use in tracking equipment and people, providing real-time room-level location data and alerts. Lokatable offers a low-touch, economical solution for improving productivity and inventory control.


How is this achieved?

  • Lokatable sensor devices are attached to the assets to be tracked
  • Inobtrusive receivers are installed in areas to be tracked
  • Sensor signals are detected by the receivers; location and time data are relayed to Lokatable servers
  • Data is compiled and accessed via the Lokatable web portal


Lokatable also provides three levels of alerts: inventory level oversight, unauthorized area access, and on demand assistance requests, as well as robust reporting capabilities. Additional features include:

  • Use of a proprietary, patented clustering method and location algorithm to eliminate signal bleed, interference, and line-of-sight problems
  • Automated battery level monitoring
  • Hardware components that are readily available, replaceable, inobtrusive, and inexpensive
  • A variety of beacon and receiver styles and sizes

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