ACORx Advisor


Are you struggling to control Prescription costs for your ACO Patient Population? 

Patient medication non-adherence is associated with serious health consequences and costs.  Estimates put the costs of medication non-adherence at over $500 billion per year in unnecessary medical expenditures.  One of the largest drivers of medication non-adherence is high prescription drug costs.  Unfortunately, the introduction of electronic prescriptions has reduced the patients' ability to price compare as well as search for generic equivalents.  

ACORx Advisor was designed to help ACOs identify potential cost savings for prescriptiopn medications based upon actual usage by its members.  Each month ACORx Advisor will perform detailed data analysis and provide reports to assist the ACO is identifying areas for savings.  Optionally, ACORx Advisor can automate communications to patients each month on behalf of the prescribing physician for cost savings opportunities and for medication adherence reminders.  

 acorx advisor workflow

How is this achieved?

  • ACORx Advisor receives and processes Medicare beneficiary claim files each month from the ACO.
  • ACORx Advisor will extract relevant data from the files and perform some analysis to identify alternative, lower-cost drugs and pharmacies available near the patient
  • ACORx Advisor will generate reports and provide them to relevant ACO staff.
  • ACORx Advisor will optionally facilitate communication to patients of potential savings opportunities through the physician or ACOs email system.

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